Fleur di lis Tote


The iris, or Fleur di lis, has been the symbol of French royalty, and used in heraldry throughout Europe.  The background for this design was created digitally with the iris design layered over the top of the background.  Printed on the tote bag, it makes a statement of elegance yet serendipity.  The iris garden image is a photo of my dear friend’s iris garden.  Every Spring you can find me photographing and painting in her beautiful garden.  The tote is 100% polyester and measures 18x18x4″.

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A new era is dawning in the field of Fine Art.  Now there are multiple ways you can own a piece of original artwork.  Traditionally, you purchased the original outright from the artist or gallery, or a numbered lithograph, but now with the explosion of the digital world, art can be reproduced on just about anything.  Jeanne finds herself acting on something she has always envisioned, which is marrying her art with technology.  It is an exciting time to a creative!

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Dimensions 18 × 4 × 18 in

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